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MBI Administration is governed by two entities: the MOC LLC and the MOC.
The MBI Oversight Council LLC (MOC LLC) was established in 2002 as a decision making body to assist the MBI Oversight Council (MOC) in providing the industry with a voice for the changes affecting the management of MBIs in the American and Puerto Rican markets. Comprised of industry members, the MOC LLC:
  • Oversees the operation of MBIAdmin;
  • Approves MBI Admin Guidelines and Procedures;
  • Provides an issue resolution and an appeals-process; and
  • Collaborates with the website provider, General Dynamics Information Technology, to develop SOWs for updates and new functionality on the site.
The MOC is comprised of all MBIAdmin site users. Membership is free and meetings are held online. The MOC is a forum where:
  • MIN-based MBI User companies come together to develop methods and/or system enhancements to make their work more efficient;
  • Reviews are conducted and recommendations are made for modifications/enhancements to the MBI Administration System (via the Statement of Work process);Issues are resolved and appeals are discussed;
  • MBI Administration Guidelines are interpreted and clarified as necessary; and
  • Answers are provided to questions associated with an appeal referred to the MOC by an Applicant/Assignee or the MBI Administrator for final resolution.

MBI Oversight Council Contact Information


Karen Riepenkroger
O: 913-315-8546


MOC General Information


MBI Guidelines


MOC Issue Contributions and Log


MBI Oversight Council Next Meeting

  • December 10, 2018 @ 1:00 pm CT / 2:00 pm ET

MBI Oversight Committee meetings are held monthly to:

  • review the operations of the MBIAdmin website
  • discuss issues relevant to the website and MBI assignment
  • review SOWs or technical issues
  • review process, procedures, and adherence to the guidelines and Master Service Agreement

To learn more about the monthly meetings, send an email to the MOC contact address.


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