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The MIN is the identifier that was first used by "AMPS" (Advanced Mobile Phone System) cellular systems, as defined by TIA/EIAIS-3 (now ANSI TIA/EIA-553), and since adopted by most TIA cellular and PCS standards that contain an "AMPS" compatibility mode (e.g., ANSI-41 "AMPS," IS-88 "NAMPS," IS-54 and IS-136 "D-AMPS" and IS-95 "CDMA").

Prior to the separation of MIN and MDN, AMPS, CDMA, TDMA service providers perform registration, call processing, provisioning, customer care and billing based upon a single number---the MIN. Traditionally, the MIN has also been programmed by service providers within the NANP serving area as the 10-digit Mobile Directory Number (MDN).

Given changes in the administration of the NANP, the wireless industry finds it necessary to administer MINs separately to meet its unique requirements. Additionally, with the advent of capabilities such as Number Portability and Number Pooling, separation of the MDN and MIN is necessary.

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