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MBI management activities can be processed by on-line applications or by submission of application forms. To submit applications on-line, go to the Log-in page to enter the secure MBI Web site. To submit hard copy applications, you can access and print a blank copy of MBI forms here, fill them out, and send them in via fax or e-mail. Please note, except for the Initial Setup forms, all other application forms require a valid Company ID and valid Contact ID in order to be accepted and processed.

The first step for a Company participating in MBI Administration is to complete the Initial Setup Package and have it e-mailed to MBI Administration. This process will place the company on file with a signed "User Agreement", the company's first Service Account will be created, and the first authorized Contact will be set up with an MBI User ID.

If your company needs to be enrolled, please let us know and be prepared to supply a Call Sign and certify that your company is a MIN-based wireless service provider.

Service Account Application
Create a new Service Account within a company or update information in an existing account. Add existing authorized contacts to an existing Service Account.
Sub-Account Application
Add a new Sub-Account to an existing Service Account, or update information in an existing Sub-Account.
New MBI Application
Complete this form to request a new MBI Assignment. MBIs are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
MBI Assignment Change
Use this form to transfer an existing MBI Assignment from one account to another account, or to change the transfer date on a pending MBI transfer request. This form is also used to request an extension to the implementation date of an existing MBI Assignment. All MBI transfers to a "different company" must be submitted on this hard copy application form, an additional charge will apply.
MBI Assignment Return
When an existing MBI Assignment is not being utilized, it can be returned using this form.

Contact Management
Add a new Contact to the company or update an existing Contact's demographic information. After the Contact is created, use the Service Account Application to associate a Contact to a Service Account.

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